Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My attempt at being a Fun Mom

I really want to be that Mom who is at a good balance with her kids. Disciplinarian yet someone they can have fun with. I hate it when at the end of the week I feel like all I did was get on my daughters case about doing her chores or homework or making sure she is using correct manners and treating others respectfully. I don't want to be a constant nag. I want to be that Mom who makes their kids feel special by doing something out of the ordinary and something that they can say "Hey, my Mom was pretty cool today." 
So my attempt was to surprise Abby when she came home from her last day of school with a note on the door preparing her for an impromptu water balloon fight. 
This is what she found on the front door when she came home along with clothes to change into. (Silly girl wore long sleeves and long pants to school when it was 85 degrees out.)
Out back I had filled about 150+ water balloons and separated them into two containers.

This container I hid so that when the other one emptied I would have a secret stash.
I also filled this tub with water and water guns/balls to add to the fun and avoid turning on the hose.

I think she had a great time. She is pretty soaked. Maybe that means that I had a great time.

I know she had a great time trying to get Mom wet.

And she was pretty successful. Both of us were soaked. 

I love this kid!

Here's to Summer starting off FUN!

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