Saturday, December 5, 2009

November 2009

This November was quite a month. I think we were all very happy. We watched our Utes and had a lot of fun going to the games. It was mine and Gabe's date night. We even got to double date with our awesome neighbors the Uluaves. They took their kids tickets away for the BYU vs. Utah game and gave them to us. We had a great time. We are so grateful for such wonderful neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors we have the Smiths that moved two houses down and they have three boys. Abby loves to play over there with Dawson and his brothers. And I have a card-making buddy. Suzy signed me up to be part of her card group that meets once a month. It is really fun and I love being able to have a girls night out.

We had a Super Saturday in relief society and I was in charge of the card making. I had lots of fun making and organizing...and shopping for my group. It seemed like it turned out well. I took Grandma Joyce with me and I think she had fun making things too.

And who can forget...Twilight! I bought my ticket early and made sure I took the day off work. LOVED IT! Although I believe I have changed teams. Team Jacob. LOL Giselle drove all the way from Payson to go with me and celebrate my birthday. It was great, love my sis-in-law.

And the most amazing part of the month was the primary program. Abby gave her first talk in sacrament. She was the icing on the cake. The program was about families and the spirit was so strong. I believe, sadly, it is one of the first times that a sacrament has felt so amazing since we moved. Our ward is filled with kids and has split 6 times. But I knew that this was going to be special. I invited all our family and was so grateful that most of them came. And I knew that they felt the spirit too. Abby's talk was about the day we were sealed as a family...

"Once upon a time a mother and a father wanted to have a baby. This mother and father were able to adopt a beautiful baby girl. The mother and father loved their new baby girl and wanted to make sure they could be a family forever. When the baby girl was six months old the mother and father took the baby girl to the Salt Lake Temple. The baby girl wore a beautiful white dress. Inside the temple the baby girl was brought into the sealing room where she waved and smiled at everyone. The mother, father, and beautiful baby girl were then sealed together as a family forever. That baby girl was me, Abby. And the mother and father were my Mom and Dad. I love them and I am so happy that we have temples where we can be sealed together forever."

Just imagine little Abby's voice and it just makes this talk come alive. Gabe and I cry from joy every time we hear it or even if it just mentioned. (ball babies LOL) That was the highlight of our month and that joy just keeps spreading onto the other days.

Thanksgiving was nice. It was just Gabe, Abby, and I, my parents, Sean , Valisha, and Gram and Gramp Brown. It was small this year in numbers But you can never go wrong with Gram and Gramps cooking. They are the best. I can't believe they are in their 80's and still going strong. They didn't even want help. We love them so much.

Well we are getting the Christmas decorations up and next month I'll tell you more about that. Thanks for following this goofy blog. Keep us in mind if you see an adoption opportunity. Love you all.

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

Okay so apparently I'm not great at this blogging thing but hey, I trying right?
A lot has happened since I last posted. Abby graduated from preschool and started Kindergarten. She is such a cutie. She is really enjoying school. She likes her teacher and loves being able to walk to school with her friends. She does get bored but hopefully that will pass. She keeps telling me that she ALREADY KNOWS her ABC's and numbers.
We went on vacation in August to Bear Lake and had a blast! We took our niece Sarah so Abby would have someone to play with and it turned out to be a really great time for all of us. We played at the pool everyday, even when it was raining, and it was fun to see the girls in their swimming gear diving off the diving board. Especially Abby because she was so afraid to go under the water and then once she got on her arm floaties she had no fear. It was a lot of fun to watch.
Gabe seems to finally be out of the problem area with work. It has been a struggle with money this year but, thank goodness we had savings and a decent tax return. My work has also given me some hours here and there. I think I worked an entire month which was nice to have the extra cash.
We have a new nephew on the way. Due in February. We are so excited and can't wait to see what kind of Daddy Drew will be.
We are going to have a Halloween party on Wednesday for Miss Abby and her friends. She is so excited. We will paint pumpkins, do crafts, play games, and of coarse have treats. Abby is super excited and loved helping me get the treat bags ready. She is going to be Pumpkin Spice for Halloween which is pretty much a gogo outfit with an orange pumpkin wig. She looks so cute in it. Gabe is going to be a rocker and has purchased some tattoo sleeves. He said he is excited for Halloween this year. I told him the reason is because this is the first year I didn't have to make him choose a costume. LOL I am going to be a witch and am pretty excited to wear my costume as well. Oh and don't forget Nixen..... he's going to be a cowboy.
Gabe and I are also planning a murder mystery dinner for this coming Friday. It is 20's themed and we are really excited to see all our friends dressed in their crazy costumes.
We are still waiting on our adoption. Hopefully someone out there will find us and we can extend our family. Don't forget to mention us when you talk to your friends. We need as much advertising as we can get.
Gabe and I did the Biggest Loser contest in our neighborhood for the month of September and we won. We had fun going to the gym together. It was hard being away from Abby so often. We also ran a 5k together as a family. Abby did great she beat me by 10 min. She ran it in 35 min. she is a miss speedy gonzales. Now that the competition is over we are trying to figure out how the gym fits into our schedule. I am hoping that once Abby goes back on track that I can go while she is at school. Gabe usually goes after work. I lost 7 pounds and Gabe lost 5 in one month. We were pretty excited. We didn't win anything exciting but, the fact that we won was good enough.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 2009

Hello again. Well It has been a fun month. Abby had her 5th birthday and we all had lots of fun. She had her first "kid only" party and we did a drive in movie in the living room. Everyone had their own box decorated like a car and we went through a car wash (crepe paper streamers). They all watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and sang along and had popcorn and treats. She was very excited to have her friends over and to play. Mom and Dad had fun just watching and listening to them sing and play.

Abby got roller skates for her birthday and is learning to use them. She always puts on her elbow and knee pads and her little gloves. She looks so cute. She also got some jump ropes and she is getting pretty good. I think she did 24 jumps without stopping.

Uncle Drew got married in March and we drove to California to see him and now AUNT Katie get married. It was beautiful weather and we loved seeing all the orchards and vinyards along the way. Of coarse when we got back to Utah we were hit with snow again. We drove through Death Valley on the way back and was at 89 degrees and then came home to 29 degress. Quite a change. We also lost a hub cap and a headlight on that trip. Goodness! But the wedding was beautiful and we are all glad that we got to go.

We got a new game called Ticket To Ride and we all enjoy playing. Including friends and extended family. Abby likes to play but needs a little help. We have had several game nights including one where our friends brought their Wii and we all played and had a blast. Thanks Kimmy and Bill.

We still are tight on finances but we keep praying that things will turn around. I was able to work one day. Its not much but every little bit helps. We cant believe that Gabes work could do such a thing. But I guess its just another trial that we need to overcome.

We are loving the little spouts of spring weather and are going on walks and we even had a new park open by our house that is super awesome.

Well that is about it for this month. Catch you all next time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 2009

Wow It has been awhile since I posted! Lots has happened. In December we went on a cruise. It was fun; more or less. Abby loved washing her hands everywhere we went and playing in the hot tub. Gabe and I liked the stops and getting off of the boat. I dont think we will cruise again. Just stick to hotels where we can explore. Gabe did talk me into going on a Rhino tour in Cabo and believe it or not I liked it! We rode along the beach and were able to see whales off in the distance it was beautiful and amazing.

We had an excelent Utah Football season where we went 13-0. Yipee! We had fun going to all the games and having a bowl party at our house. We even went to the parade and had a great time. Abby asked if we could go to the parade every day. Guess she had a good time.

Money is a little tight this quarter and we are hoping that tings will look up soon. An error in payroll over payed Gabe last quarter now we have to pay it back. Not fun, but we keep praying that things will work out.

Abby tried going to dance for two months and liked it a little. So now that she is five she has to choose a type of dance to go into(ie:ballet, jazz, hip hop). She chose gymnastics! She relly likes getting to go with the big kids and being in the big gym. Who knows maybe we'll have a master gymnast on our hands. She has already mastered the head stand. She is also loving to work on the bars.

So far no one has looked at our adoption profile. A little discouraging but we know that the Lord is watching over us and waiting till the right time. Abby is still convinced that she is going to get multiple siblings. Gabe even had a dream that we got three. Wow! We just keep hoping and praying and trying to get the word out amongst our friends and family that we are trying to adopt. We are even trying to network through facebook. We'll just have to wait and see.

Abby is turning five this month and she is so excited. I can't believe that my baby is growing up. We even get to go to kindergarten orientation next week. With her in school hopefully I can work some and earn a little more income and go to school. I would love to graduate sometime in the next century.

Gabe is training for yet another marathon. He has already paid to do the Bear Lake run and so I guess we are off to Bear Lake in June. I have never been there so it will be an adventure for me as well. He is working hard and trying so hard at work to bring home the bacon. Sometimes he doesn't get home till 7 and we miss having dinner with him. But as soon as work is looking up a bit we will get back to normal. We are just glad that I am able to still stay home with Abby. And stay in this wonderful house and neighborhood.

We got a new calling in our ward. We teach the 8-9 year olds. We love those kids. They are so fun and each has such a wonderful personality. We are learning about the Doctrine and Covanants this year. Gabe and I are learning just as much as they are I think. Gabe seems to be the goof off in class and he tends to get the warnings just as much as the other boys in the class. Stinker!

Abby is really enjoying preschool. She gets to do lots of projects. She even gets to go on field trips. She got to go to the firestation last month and had a good time. She was so excited to show me her fireman badge sticker and pencil. She is so big.

I actually did it!! I had my own Craft Camp and it seemed to go over pretty well. I had 22 RSVP. Only 14 came but still I was surprised at the turn out. Everyone can't wait for the next one. My boss and my step mom sat and discussed how they thought that this was my calling and how I should start my own buisness doing craft camps. I thought it was funny how they both just sat down together and discussed my future without me even there. I have thought about it some, but I just haven't got that motivated bug yet. We will see if these camps keep being a sucess maybe I will have a future doing it.

Oh, one other exciting thing happened since last post, my Grandma and Grandpa moved up here from St. George. Just about 2 miles away. Still in the same neighborhood. Abby is absolutely loving it and loves to go play at Grandma Joyces. I love to go visit and have someone close that I can rely upon. Grandpa is great for helping me out with projects and Grandma is my scraping buddy. And Nixen, our dog, has just as much fun over there. He loves to play with his friends Noodles and Sasha (gradmas dogs). He jumps in the car and runs from each window to make sure we are going the right way to Grandmas.

Well I guess I should be off doing some housework. So there is my post for now. Until next time TATA!