Saturday, December 5, 2009

November 2009

This November was quite a month. I think we were all very happy. We watched our Utes and had a lot of fun going to the games. It was mine and Gabe's date night. We even got to double date with our awesome neighbors the Uluaves. They took their kids tickets away for the BYU vs. Utah game and gave them to us. We had a great time. We are so grateful for such wonderful neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors we have the Smiths that moved two houses down and they have three boys. Abby loves to play over there with Dawson and his brothers. And I have a card-making buddy. Suzy signed me up to be part of her card group that meets once a month. It is really fun and I love being able to have a girls night out.

We had a Super Saturday in relief society and I was in charge of the card making. I had lots of fun making and organizing...and shopping for my group. It seemed like it turned out well. I took Grandma Joyce with me and I think she had fun making things too.

And who can forget...Twilight! I bought my ticket early and made sure I took the day off work. LOVED IT! Although I believe I have changed teams. Team Jacob. LOL Giselle drove all the way from Payson to go with me and celebrate my birthday. It was great, love my sis-in-law.

And the most amazing part of the month was the primary program. Abby gave her first talk in sacrament. She was the icing on the cake. The program was about families and the spirit was so strong. I believe, sadly, it is one of the first times that a sacrament has felt so amazing since we moved. Our ward is filled with kids and has split 6 times. But I knew that this was going to be special. I invited all our family and was so grateful that most of them came. And I knew that they felt the spirit too. Abby's talk was about the day we were sealed as a family...

"Once upon a time a mother and a father wanted to have a baby. This mother and father were able to adopt a beautiful baby girl. The mother and father loved their new baby girl and wanted to make sure they could be a family forever. When the baby girl was six months old the mother and father took the baby girl to the Salt Lake Temple. The baby girl wore a beautiful white dress. Inside the temple the baby girl was brought into the sealing room where she waved and smiled at everyone. The mother, father, and beautiful baby girl were then sealed together as a family forever. That baby girl was me, Abby. And the mother and father were my Mom and Dad. I love them and I am so happy that we have temples where we can be sealed together forever."

Just imagine little Abby's voice and it just makes this talk come alive. Gabe and I cry from joy every time we hear it or even if it just mentioned. (ball babies LOL) That was the highlight of our month and that joy just keeps spreading onto the other days.

Thanksgiving was nice. It was just Gabe, Abby, and I, my parents, Sean , Valisha, and Gram and Gramp Brown. It was small this year in numbers But you can never go wrong with Gram and Gramps cooking. They are the best. I can't believe they are in their 80's and still going strong. They didn't even want help. We love them so much.

Well we are getting the Christmas decorations up and next month I'll tell you more about that. Thanks for following this goofy blog. Keep us in mind if you see an adoption opportunity. Love you all.