Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 2010

Okay so really I am trying. I know it has been three months since I wrote but hey, I was living life and enjoying my family and friends. So here is a brief overview....

July 2010

The beginning of July we headed to Flaming Gorge for the weekend and took a day trip to Vernal. Gabe had a job there that he needed to measure some grills on so we took the opportunity to see the dinosaur museum. Abby's favorite part was the glowing rocks and the koi pond. We also went to Flaming gorge Dam and had a tour. Abby had a blast feeding the fish. Now I would have pictures of all this to post but, because I am such a techy I erased all the pictures on the camera(on accident). Yeah, I know, smooth move. Anyway we had lots of fun.

We went up to Idaho for the Brown reunion again this year and once again we had a great time. We finally were able to talk Dad into getting on the tube and going down the 500 ft water slide. He went a couple times with Val then we decided to go all together as a family. It went Brandon and Dad on bottom then Sean and Colby, me and Valisha, and then Gabe on top. We got stuck at the top and Gabe tried to push us and we all toppled. Dad split his eyebrow and Gabe and I got burned on the part of the slide that wasn't wet. It was Hilarious. I don't think Dad will do that again LOL.
My Boss and friend Mary from the SLC clinic quit(was let go). She is so sad and so is everyone else. She has been there 11 years. While she may have a few quirks, and who doesn't?, she has been wonderful and totally committed to her job and the people there. It was a sad day :(

And last but, definitely not least Abby started 1st grade. She was so excited. She picked out her outfit and everything. She met her teacher Mrs Faux the day before and she was elated. her teacher is amazing and great with Abby and all the kids.

August 2010

Humm I cannot find my August calendar. Grrr and knowing my memory well your not gonna get much. All I can think of that happened in August is that Abby finally lost her first tooth. She was so excited. She even pulled it out herself.

Gabe took me on a really nice date. Gabe volunteered to be taken to jail for the MD foundation(he asked for donations be paid to the foundation to be released) and was given a gift certificate for his time to the Roof Restaurant at Temple square. Well, we had never been there before. It was VERY expensive. We had a great time and it had a fabulous view. We walked around temple square afterwards and enjoyed the flowers.

Abby was supposed to go to a birthday party and was unable to make it. She was very sad. Then I realized that Grandma Val had just had a birthday so we decided to go surprise her with a princess party. We got crowns and goodie bags and a cake and frozen pizzas. As we were headed there Brandon called and said that Sarah could come too. It was so fun and Grandma had a blast. except when the power went out and we couldn't cook the pizzas. LOL

I was able to talk to the new manager at Concentra and she agreed to take me on part time and work while Abby was at school. Yeah! I was finally able to get PTO hours and have something to do while Abby was at school.

September 2010

Okay so here it is September. Okay so its not the end of the month but I am writing now so might as well tell you what is going on right??

At the beginning of the month we had a meeting with Abby's gymnastics. They had moved her up to level 3. She is SOOOO excited. Mom and Dad were too until we found out that she is now considered on a team and this is Competitive prep. Okay, so what right?? Well her fees tripled and she now goes three days a week for a total of 5 hours. Come spring it will be Saturdays as well to prepare and go to meets. She is six and they are already talking about college scholarships and sponsorships. Crazy! Gabe and I agreed to let her keep going as long as it doesn't interfere with school. She is going to be one busy girl.

Tomorrow I go to meet with her piano teacher. Gabe and I really want her to learn the piano and music. She has always been great at playing and trying to understand music. She is going to do great. She said She really wants to do piano too but doesn't want to play in front of people.

Abby had a lemonade stand and she was so cute. She sat at the table calling out "Lemonade, Lemonade" and when nobody came she started knocking on doors. She is quite the sales woman. she made $13.oo.

I quit! I called it quits at Concentra. It was a good 9 years. The new manager just decided two weeks after she put me on part time and promised me the moon that I either had to work mornings or evenings. It was really frustrating since I had the conversation with her probably 4 times about what hours I was available and she was more than accommodating. She said she would put me back on as a PRN person but, seeing all the other people she said that to and never calls I think that I would rather say goodbye then sit and wait for a call. We shall see how stir crazy I get now.

Abby had a pep rally at her school with the official unveiling of the mascot. She was crazy about it and kept asking is today the day we get to see Fireball. Finally, we made it and it was a madhouse. I am glad Gabe took over so I could get home for card group. I couldn't handle all the people. It was nuts but, She had a great time.

We just had a barbecue at our house with my family. Dad and Val, Sean and Candace, and Colby came and we had so much fun. We played a game that we learned at the Johnston's house. We all laughed so hard at one another. Even Abby got in on it and made it that much more fun.

There is also a fire in Herriman. It is crazy. The smoke was so thick. We have to keep the doors and windows shut for sure tonight. Our eyes were burning just standing on the porch to wave goodbye to my family.

Well that is all that I can think of. Maybe I will add some to it later. See you next time :P