Monday, September 22, 2008

September 2008

Just trying this thing out.
This month so far has been eventful. First off my best friend just announced that she is pregnant after trying for several years. I pretty much jumped out of my seat when she told me. Way to go Paige and Chris. Our prayers are with you!
We still have not been contacted for adoption and we had to fill out paperwork again and again and again. We also had to meet with our 5th bishop for the bishops reference letter. We are just hoping and praying that we can soon add to our family. Abby also continues to say she is getting a brother and a sister.
Gabe ran a 10K with Josie and Giselle and said it was fun except he had an allergic reaction to some goo along the way. OOPS! He also went rabbit hunting with Richard. They didn't get anything but he still seemed to have some fun. BOYS! He will be off hunting deer this month as well. Although he has no idea what he will do if he gets one. HEE HEE!
On a sad note my brother announced he is getting a divorce. I hoped he would come stay with us, but he seems determined to handle it on his own even if he has to sleep in the trailer in my Dads driveway.
Grandma and Grandpa came and stayed a few days and that was really nice. Grandpa looks great after his weight loss and surgeries, and Grandma is as cute as ever. We wish they lived closer. Grandma, Abby and I played on the cricut. That was super fun. I even got her to leave me a cartridge so I could continue to play. Thanks Gram!
Kim and I went to a stamp camp which was fun. We made all kinds of things. It made me think more seriously about doing my own camp type thing. Wonder how many would actually come???
We took the dog to get his hair done and he came back looking ridiculous. I don't know what those people were thinking. He doesn't seem to care but I'm the one who has to look at him.
Abby started preschool and does great when I am not there. She is doing lots of fun things and brings home lots of projects. Fridge is full. She loves to have new school clothes and shoes. She just wishes the other kids would notice the clothes and shoes. I told her that she needed to tell them because they are only four and not thinking about anyone but themselves. She doesn't believe me Of Coarse!
She also cut her own hair! It was just getting to where I could do stuff with it. Argh! And her bangs no less, at the scalp. And her hair does not grow fast! Little stinker.
We are learning about lying because that has become an issue. I really don't know how to teach her about lying. I am frustrated. Gabe and I have discussed it and neither of us know how to go about it. Prayer! and a lot of tears.
She is still in her gymnastics and doing very well. She really wants to be with the bigger kids in the harder class. She is just trying to grow up too fast.
We had dinner with Andy and Camille and the kids. They look great! Even after that hard month of surgeries. It looked as if nothing had happened. Except Jakie showing off his scar. Boys! Hopefully all our prayers worked. They are such good friends and we want them around for a long time. That little Carly sure is a cutie and got along great with the dog. I think she got her first french kiss. Ewww!
We bought a new couch and TV. Most comfy!!
I guess the month really isn't over so I could write later. So long for now.