Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 2009

Hello again. Well It has been a fun month. Abby had her 5th birthday and we all had lots of fun. She had her first "kid only" party and we did a drive in movie in the living room. Everyone had their own box decorated like a car and we went through a car wash (crepe paper streamers). They all watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and sang along and had popcorn and treats. She was very excited to have her friends over and to play. Mom and Dad had fun just watching and listening to them sing and play.

Abby got roller skates for her birthday and is learning to use them. She always puts on her elbow and knee pads and her little gloves. She looks so cute. She also got some jump ropes and she is getting pretty good. I think she did 24 jumps without stopping.

Uncle Drew got married in March and we drove to California to see him and now AUNT Katie get married. It was beautiful weather and we loved seeing all the orchards and vinyards along the way. Of coarse when we got back to Utah we were hit with snow again. We drove through Death Valley on the way back and was at 89 degrees and then came home to 29 degress. Quite a change. We also lost a hub cap and a headlight on that trip. Goodness! But the wedding was beautiful and we are all glad that we got to go.

We got a new game called Ticket To Ride and we all enjoy playing. Including friends and extended family. Abby likes to play but needs a little help. We have had several game nights including one where our friends brought their Wii and we all played and had a blast. Thanks Kimmy and Bill.

We still are tight on finances but we keep praying that things will turn around. I was able to work one day. Its not much but every little bit helps. We cant believe that Gabes work could do such a thing. But I guess its just another trial that we need to overcome.

We are loving the little spouts of spring weather and are going on walks and we even had a new park open by our house that is super awesome.

Well that is about it for this month. Catch you all next time.