Monday, April 2, 2012


In my EDU 2110 Education Psychology class today we discussed what motivates us. It got me thinking and wondering why I couldn’t come up with a specific example of a motivation that I use today.

When I was young motivation was easy to come by. I knew that my purpose for doing anything was to prove to not only myself but to others that I could do it and that all the crap that the world had thrown at me was just a trial and a stepping stone onto what I knew I wanted in life.

I learned to care for myself and develop female traits despite the fact that I had no mother. I made it through school with excellent grades despite the lack of parental involvement. I joined a church that teaches the true and everlasting gospel. And I went nearly every Sunday despite the worldly influences of my home life and friends. I met the man of my dreams despite the 22 years of just missing one another in every sorority activity, neighborhood, and church socials. I have a family! A beautiful baby daughter came to live at our house despite my inability to bear children. She is a great kid despite my shortcomings as a mother and example. I have the house of my dreams despite the horrid turn of the economy and the selfish mistakes of employers. I am nearly done with a degree in college despite my inability to pay for it ;). I have great friends despite our chaotic schedules and only seeing each other a few times a year.

Now I am just looking on and wondering: Where am I to get my motivation if I have everything I ever wanted and more?

Enduring to the end seems to me to be the hardest part of this journey. I can hurdle the crap (even though I may throw a fit while I’m in it). But, once I get past it, where do I go?