Tuesday, December 7, 2010

October and November 2010

Utah football has begun!!! Gabe and I have season tickets and we Love to go! This year we had a great season aside from a couple of games(TCU, Notre Dame). And we barely beat BYU. I was going to go to the game but, I kept having a dream that I was giving my ticket to the Utah vs. BYU game to my neighbor. The day before I told Gabe what I was thinking and decided to send Gabe and Peter to the game. Connie and I watched at her house. We went to dinner at our traditional pre-game place (Chunga's YUM!) then the boys headed to the game. They had a great time as did Connie and I. A real nail biter. I almost can't believe we pulled it off. Now we are waiting for the bowl game against Boise. Ugh! Oh well party at my place Right? Halloween was a lot of fun. Abby chose to be a robber this year. She was so cute. We also had our annual murder mystery dinner. This year we did Chinese take-out. Bill and Kimmy, and Dallin and Cami joined us this year. Their costumes were fun. Gabe tried all night to sound like an old Chinese man. It was pretty funny. It was a lot of fun and the food was delish!

Our Neighbors also have an annual murder mystery dinner. Theirs is quite a bit different then the ones we have been doing. They go all out! It was amazing. She worked so hard on the decorations and theme and food. It was a 1920's mobster speakeasy thing. They have about 25-40 people there. Gabe was the Mayor and I played the mayors wife. I was a little intimidated. It has been so long since I had to full out play a character; and around people I didn't know. Maybe if we get invited next year I will be a little more relaxed. Gabe did really well. He played it up and had a lot of fun.

Abby entered the Reflections contest at her school. She chose photography as her category. I was so proud of her. She got 15th place in the whole school. This is her picture of the clouds.

Abby got a new dresser and she was so excited to put it together. She was all over the place as we were getting the pieces figured out. When we finally gave her some tools she was in heaven.

Gabe has been complaining about how the walls and the ceilings in our house are all the same color. He really wanted to paint the ceiling white. SO... while he was gone on business I purchased a paint sprayer and away I went at the kitchen ceiling. Thank goodness for the help of my grandparents or I never would have gotten it done in time. He was pretty surprised. I said that it was his Christmas present. I don't really notice a difference but, he seems to think its great.
I have the most AWESOME husband in the whole world! For my birthday he planned a trip to San Diego to see the Utes play. I was pretty excited. We drove the whole way so on the way down we spent a night in Vegas. I hoped we could do something fun. When we got there he told me he had a surprise for me. I had to see what it was before we got there or else I would figure it out. He handed me a piece of paper in the parking lot. When I opened it I screamed so loud everyone in the parking lot stared. He got tickets to see the Lion King! I LOVE LION KING! I was totally bummed when they came to Salt Lake and I wasn't able to see it. And when I knew it was going to be in Vegas when we were there I thought that fate was just torturing me. But lo and behold Gabe had the whole thing planned for months. And he kept it a secret! What an awesome guy. Lion King was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I got a chance to see it.

We went to parent teacher conferences this month too. I just love Abby's teacher she is so cute. Abby loves her too and is doing so well in her class. Gabe and I are so proud of Abby she made it on the Honor Roll for both academics and citizenship. Way to go Abby!
Our neighbors were headed out of town for Thanksgiving and asked us too keep an eye on their house. On Tuesday, when they headed out, a huge blizzard hit. They had to come back home. I felt so bad and wanted to do something for them. They said they would be able to take care of dinner. Wow in one day! I told Gabe that I wanted to do something for them and he had no idea what to do either. About 15 minutes later I got onto Facebook and found out that I had won $50.00 for a floral centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I called the shop the next day and asked them to make me two that would cover the $50.00. When I picked them up they were amazing! Our neighbors were so excited and I was glad I could do a little something to help with their impromptu Thanksgiving.
The tree is up and decorated and we can't wait for Christmas. We had our family pictures taken by our other neighbor who is a photographer. She is amazing. Although it was FREEZING we still got some really good photos. Abby's is my favorite!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 2010

Okay so really I am trying. I know it has been three months since I wrote but hey, I was living life and enjoying my family and friends. So here is a brief overview....

July 2010

The beginning of July we headed to Flaming Gorge for the weekend and took a day trip to Vernal. Gabe had a job there that he needed to measure some grills on so we took the opportunity to see the dinosaur museum. Abby's favorite part was the glowing rocks and the koi pond. We also went to Flaming gorge Dam and had a tour. Abby had a blast feeding the fish. Now I would have pictures of all this to post but, because I am such a techy I erased all the pictures on the camera(on accident). Yeah, I know, smooth move. Anyway we had lots of fun.

We went up to Idaho for the Brown reunion again this year and once again we had a great time. We finally were able to talk Dad into getting on the tube and going down the 500 ft water slide. He went a couple times with Val then we decided to go all together as a family. It went Brandon and Dad on bottom then Sean and Colby, me and Valisha, and then Gabe on top. We got stuck at the top and Gabe tried to push us and we all toppled. Dad split his eyebrow and Gabe and I got burned on the part of the slide that wasn't wet. It was Hilarious. I don't think Dad will do that again LOL.
My Boss and friend Mary from the SLC clinic quit(was let go). She is so sad and so is everyone else. She has been there 11 years. While she may have a few quirks, and who doesn't?, she has been wonderful and totally committed to her job and the people there. It was a sad day :(

And last but, definitely not least Abby started 1st grade. She was so excited. She picked out her outfit and everything. She met her teacher Mrs Faux the day before and she was elated. her teacher is amazing and great with Abby and all the kids.

August 2010

Humm I cannot find my August calendar. Grrr and knowing my memory well your not gonna get much. All I can think of that happened in August is that Abby finally lost her first tooth. She was so excited. She even pulled it out herself.

Gabe took me on a really nice date. Gabe volunteered to be taken to jail for the MD foundation(he asked for donations be paid to the foundation to be released) and was given a gift certificate for his time to the Roof Restaurant at Temple square. Well, we had never been there before. It was VERY expensive. We had a great time and it had a fabulous view. We walked around temple square afterwards and enjoyed the flowers.

Abby was supposed to go to a birthday party and was unable to make it. She was very sad. Then I realized that Grandma Val had just had a birthday so we decided to go surprise her with a princess party. We got crowns and goodie bags and a cake and frozen pizzas. As we were headed there Brandon called and said that Sarah could come too. It was so fun and Grandma had a blast. except when the power went out and we couldn't cook the pizzas. LOL

I was able to talk to the new manager at Concentra and she agreed to take me on part time and work while Abby was at school. Yeah! I was finally able to get PTO hours and have something to do while Abby was at school.

September 2010

Okay so here it is September. Okay so its not the end of the month but I am writing now so might as well tell you what is going on right??

At the beginning of the month we had a meeting with Abby's gymnastics. They had moved her up to level 3. She is SOOOO excited. Mom and Dad were too until we found out that she is now considered on a team and this is Competitive prep. Okay, so what right?? Well her fees tripled and she now goes three days a week for a total of 5 hours. Come spring it will be Saturdays as well to prepare and go to meets. She is six and they are already talking about college scholarships and sponsorships. Crazy! Gabe and I agreed to let her keep going as long as it doesn't interfere with school. She is going to be one busy girl.

Tomorrow I go to meet with her piano teacher. Gabe and I really want her to learn the piano and music. She has always been great at playing and trying to understand music. She is going to do great. She said She really wants to do piano too but doesn't want to play in front of people.

Abby had a lemonade stand and she was so cute. She sat at the table calling out "Lemonade, Lemonade" and when nobody came she started knocking on doors. She is quite the sales woman. she made $13.oo.

I quit! I called it quits at Concentra. It was a good 9 years. The new manager just decided two weeks after she put me on part time and promised me the moon that I either had to work mornings or evenings. It was really frustrating since I had the conversation with her probably 4 times about what hours I was available and she was more than accommodating. She said she would put me back on as a PRN person but, seeing all the other people she said that to and never calls I think that I would rather say goodbye then sit and wait for a call. We shall see how stir crazy I get now.

Abby had a pep rally at her school with the official unveiling of the mascot. She was crazy about it and kept asking is today the day we get to see Fireball. Finally, we made it and it was a madhouse. I am glad Gabe took over so I could get home for card group. I couldn't handle all the people. It was nuts but, She had a great time.

We just had a barbecue at our house with my family. Dad and Val, Sean and Candace, and Colby came and we had so much fun. We played a game that we learned at the Johnston's house. We all laughed so hard at one another. Even Abby got in on it and made it that much more fun.

There is also a fire in Herriman. It is crazy. The smoke was so thick. We have to keep the doors and windows shut for sure tonight. Our eyes were burning just standing on the porch to wave goodbye to my family.

Well that is all that I can think of. Maybe I will add some to it later. See you next time :P

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

May 2009

Okay so I am totally a month off but hey I have the old calendar in front of me so I can sort of recall. Lets see how it goes.
To start off the month we went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses for our friend Hailey. She turned 6. It was a lot of fun for all of us. Gabe and I didn't realize how much fun those games could be. Our friend Mike kept sneaking us coins so we could play too and not just the kids.
We got to babysit little Ethan again. He is getting so big. I decided to get out the swing for him to play in. He liked that quite a bit. And Gabe figured it was about time we let him in on our tradition... Ice cream. Gabe and I always seem to be the first to give the kids in our family their first taste of ice cream. Although this time Ethan got a taste of Uncle Gabe kind...Soy! The look on his face tells all. LOL
Gabe is still trying to sell his Jeep. Anyone want it. $3100.
This picture is a little embarrassing but it is what I have for Mothers Day! See how I got the royal treatment from my cutie daughter. Abby painted my toes and thought it was totally hilarious to miss the nail and ACCIDENTLY(yeah right) paint my toe. Silly kid. And Gabe blow dried my hair. It was a pretty good day. We went to his parents house for a BBQ and Gabe's brother Jeremy decided to drop in and make a scene. He said that was the last time we will ever see him. He is disowning the family, and changing his name, and goodbye. Of coarse he made sure to pick his stage...where everyone would be...and on the day that would cause the most impact...Mothers Day! We thought things were getting better with him. Apparently not. We wish him the best.
We got a piano! Yeah! Abby is so excited. My aunt Kelly moved to Florida and gave away everything she had. She wanted to keep the piano in the family and we were more than happy to take it. Gabe has taught Abby a few things and she seems to really like it. I can't wait to hear beautiful music coming out of that room. And of coarse from my cute family. What could be better?
Abby had her testing for Kindergarten and her teacher said she passed with flying colors. She is very smart and will do great in first grade.
She had a field trip to Wheeler Farm and I got to go with. Of Coarse I forgot my camera. But who could remember a camera when there was 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, At the end of May! We had to bundle up and everyone was in snow boots, gloves, and coats and had umbrellas. The animals were not too happy and we didn't get too close because of all the puddles. The kids did have fun feeding the ducks but their hands got cold fast. Abby got to ride a school bus for the first time and thought it was pretty cool. We ended up having lunch back in the classroom and we watched A Bugs Life. I had fun with my cute kid...even though it snowed.
Gabe turned 33. What an old man I am married to. LOL. We didn't do much. I did surprise him though. We have been tight on money and were not going to be able to renew our Utah Football season tickets. Gabe thought the time to renew had expired but, I was sneaky and borrowed money from Gram and Gramp and got the tickets renewed. He was pretty excited. We had a yummy dinner and had brownies al la mode.
Gabe and Drew also did their first Triathlon this month. They both worked really hard and spent a lot of time at the gym preparing. They swam 1/2 mile, biked 13 miles, and ran 3 miles. Our neighbor Matt let Gabe borrow his bike which was totally awesome. Gabe was really excited and had to constantly remind himself "Thou shalt not covet, Thou shalt not covet." He did pretty good and is thinking he might try it again sometime.
I had my first card group. I did it! I really did it! I had quite a few who didn't show up but I was pretty pleased with the turnout. I think I had 10 out of 16. I can't wait to do it every month. I like coming up with projects and helping everyone do them. Abby loves to get in on it too and she does a pretty good job. I hope it works out and I can keep doing this because I really enjoy it.
We are still waiting on the adoption. If you or someone you know is thinking of placing please feel free to contact us through this blog by leaving a comment or emailing me at leeshalovesgabe@hotmail.com. We would love to extend our family. Abby is just dying for a sister or brother. And Gabe and I can't wait to have more little ones running about.
Well that was May! Hopefully I won't take as long to update next month.

Monday, May 3, 2010

April 2010

Welcome back!!! Well we a had a great April. Hope you did too. Gabe got back from Moab and he had a blast. He showed me the video of him and Michael jeeping. He is even more excited this time because now his jeep has BATTLE DAMAGE! LOL a few scratches and dents on the door and running boards. As long as he is home safe and he had fun that is fine with me. Im just glad I didnt go. Im just not that into jeeping.

Abby and I had fun while Dad was gone. We had a birthday dinner for Grandpa and we had fun making him a red velvet cake. We also headed to the Olive Garden when Gabe got back and that was super yummy and we loved seeing my BFF Paige there.
It was also conference weekend and we were very edified by the talks given. I felt very touched by the talks this year and felt they hit home a lot more than in past conferences for me. On Sunday we had fun as a family with conference. We played conference BINGO and whomever won got a back rub. Guess who won?......ABBY LOL. She though that was the greatest thing ever.

Easter was great as well. The Easter Bunny brought goodies and toys and movies. Abby was excited because our neighbors gave us one of their old bikes and Gabe and I gave it to her for Easter. It is a little big for her still but she tries. When she has to stop instead of putting her foot down she JUMPS off. It is pretty funny. We had Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Browns. WOW it was crazy at their house with 33 people in their little house. But we all managed to have a great time. I mean who wouldn't with Grandma and Grandpas cooking. They had an Easter egg hunt in their backyard for all the kids and Abby looked so pretty in her Easter dress. There was about 20 kids and one little girl didnt get any eggs. She was really shy and didnt run out to grab any. I was surprised at the older kids who had about 20 eggs; they didnt even share. Abby overheard them say someone didnt get any eggs and one girl only got 1. she dung into her bag ( she had about 8) and gave 2 to each girl. No one told her to she just did it on her own. I can't believe the compassion she has for others. It makes me smile. She is a great kid.

We had a neighborhood BBQ and that was a lot of fun. The food was yummy and we enjoyed getting to know our neighboors better. Abby played and had a great time with all the kids. Even Gabe Played with the kids. It was fun to see them all laughing and tackling Gabe. It was about 6 kids to 1 Gabe.
We had a teacher prep class for primary. WOW our stake primary worked really had to help all us teachers. It was an awesome meeting and I think all in attendace left feeling better prepared to teach our Little Ones.
I went to a Relief Society program with my friend Sheridyn. Her sister-in-law performs for a group called the Sisters Supreme. That was so fun. Those ladies have a blast performing and Sheridyn is so fun to watch because she likes to sing and dance along. I just love her.
My friends Kim and Travis came for dinner and games. Wow it has been forever since I seen them. They looked great and we had a lot of fun. Even Abby played Pictureka with us.
I finally decided to become a Stampin Up demonstrator. Wow I am so excited. I am creating and playing with all my new stuff and can't wait to hold a party. I have a card group scheduled every month for a year so that will be a blast. And so many cool people are going to be there some I havent seen in 14 years. Wow Exciting. If you want to hold a stamin up home party let me know I would love to come and play.

We got to babysit our nephew Ethan. That was so fun. He is such a good baby and we enjoyed holding him and playing with him. Although aunt Katie teased us by putting a blue football onesie on him. Next time she better watch out because we are putting a Utah onesie on him. LOL

This last week we had a huge wind storm come through. Out of all weather I dislike wind the most. This storm was brutal. It blew all my things off my porch, up rooted my flowers, and my newly bloomed tulips broke or lost all their petals. My porch swing was not hanging vertical but horizontal in the wind which terrified me cause the car was behind it. I was afraid that it woud come loose and land on the car. Geepers. I am glad its over.

Oh my goodness and we ended the month with me crying. Not out of sadness, well maybe a little. Abby got invited to her first sleepover party. I mean I have no problem with Grandmas and Grandpas or Aunts and Uncles BUT a big girl sleepover party? I cant believe she is so big. I didn't cry when she went to school but this hit me like a rock. Thank goodness for my friend Shanna who called me just after I dropped her off. Shanna must have known I needed to talk. Gabe just laughed. But geeze our little girl is becoming so grown up. Abby had a GREAT time at the party and said she wants to go again sometime.
All in all it has been a pretty good month. We are crossing our fingers come June that Gabes work will work out. If not we might be changing jobs. Wow! Lots ahead.

Monday, April 5, 2010

March 2010

March is always fun at our house. We have lots of birthdays and anniversaries. First it was Drews birthday and we had dinner and cake at Grandma and Grandpas. Abby loved getting to hold baby Ethan again. She is very baby hungry and doesn’t like to share. She breaks down in tears when she has to give someone else a chance at holding the baby. She is so sweet and just loves him so.
I found out this month that the card group that I am attending is ending and I am so sad. I love going every month and enjoying creative girl time. SO apparently I am going to do my own now. Starting next month I will be doing a card group at my house and getting creative with my bad self. (okay that statement just made me sound really old.) LOL So far I have about 13 ladies that want to be a part of it. Yipee! I did a lot of praying to know if it is right and so far I still feel really excited and ready to begin. Gabe thinks it will be a good thing for me too. Although a house full of crazy and creative ladies makes him a little nervous.
Abby turned 6 this month. Oh my goodness I was hit really hard with the reality of it. I was sad that I now have to shop in the BIG girl section. And just noticing her and how much she has grown and what a wonderful person she is it makes me happy and sad at the same time. I want her to stay little but I also want to see what a wonderful person she is going to become. She is amazing and I want to be just like her, aside from the occasional tantrums. LOL
The theme of Abby’s birthday party was Fancy Nancy Tea Parties. The girls came in their most POSH outfits and we had a French/Fancy word lesson. The girls,11 of them, decorated tiaras, made teapot picture frames, and played follow the hostess. For refreshments we had a chocolate fountain which all the girls loved. They dipped strawberries, marshmallows, and pretzels in the chocolate. They all went home with a t-shirt which Abby and I made with Fancy Nancy iron-ons. She got lots of great presents and was so excited to have friends over to play with. Cousin Sarah spent the night and Abby loved having her over. They both put on make-up together just before the party and came downstairs looking very glamorous. The grown-up party was also lots of fun and Abby got lots of Hello Kitty things including a Hello kitty waffle maker. Her favorite present was from aunt Katie which was a CTR necklace which she wears everyday without fail. Everyone had a great time.
The next week Abby was invited to two parties, Tabby and Tahirah’s. Abby made the decision to go to Tahirah’s because she doesn’t get to see her very often and she missed her. Although she made sure that Tabby knew she loved her and took a present over on her birthday too. Tahirah’s party was a pajama party. She had lots of fun there. And she was very excited to wear her new pajamas from her aunt Giselle and cousins. She took her pillow and blankie. When she came home she was very excited to tell about the fun things they did at the party. Abby is a great friend and loves to see and visit with all of them.
Gabe, Abby, and I also attended a foster parent meeting to see if that might be a good fit for us. After the meeting we all felt very uneasy about it and are pretty sure that it wouldn’t work for us. We really want to extend our family but, we do not think that foster parenting would be a good fit. We have been passing out pens with our LDSFS information as well as this blog information in hopes that maybe it will lead a birth parent to us. Our fingers are crossed and hope that another adoption is in our near future.
HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Gabe and I have been married for 10 years. Wow what fun. Somedays it feels like we have been together forever and others it seems like it was just yesterday. What a wonderful husband I have and I am so glad that I get to spend eternity with such a great man. He took me out to dinner and even gave me a present, which he wasn’t supposed to YET. We had a new diamond put in my ring but couldn’t afford to get it out of the shop yet. SURPRISE! He went a got it and surprised me just before dinner. Afterwards we went to a movie and had a lot of fun together. Cheers to another 10 years.
Last but not least, Gabe headed off to Moab for yet another Jeep Safari. Although he didn’t come back until April so I will post more about it next month. All I can say is I am glad he is home. I didn’t sleep well without him and being sick on top of that was really a bad combination.
Smiles :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

February 2010

Okay so first post of 2010. We have been busy and it is about to get busier. March is crazy for our family with anniversaries and birthdays. I can't believe my baby is about to turn six. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze time and enjoy her for longer at that age.

Well, lets see...... I didn't write for January because well I don't think anything happened. LOL I think we were just busy getting ready for February. We took a vacation! Oh Wait of Coarse something happened. How could I forget? We got a new nephew. Baby Ethan was born Jan 25th. Such a cutie. He looks just like his daddy. He is a minature version of Drew. Abby had fun holding him. And so did Gabe and I. I forgot how small babies are.

We went to Sedona Arizona. We have a timeshare thing so we make sure we take a vacation every year. We get to stay in some pretty incredible places. We had a great condo with two pools, unfortunately it was too cold to use the outdoor one but everyone had fun in the indoor one. We had some friends come with us. It was great to have friends for Abby to play with. Gabe and I enjoyed having friends to play games with and chat with too. We went on hikes, saw Indian ruins, played miniature golf (Abby won), and visited a ghost town. We even ate at a place called the Haunted Hamburger.

The red rocks in Sedona were absolutely beautiful. We were lucky to have it rain at night and be sunny during the day so we could go out and enjoy the beauty. We went and saw an arch with all the kids and it turned out to be a longer hike than we expected. Instead of 2 miles it ended up being around 5 miles. Surprisingly the kids did really well. Gabe, Abby, and I hiked to the top of a plateau and were able to see over the entire Sedona valley. It was breathtaking. Although, Abby and I are afraid of heights so it was a little nerve racking hiking along the ridge and walking along the edge of the plateau. But, we did get some amazing pictures and we enjoyed time together as a family.
We had a lot of fun at the ghost town, even though Abby did NOT like the name of it. LOL It was Jerome Arizona, an old mining town witch is now just an artsy tourist place. It was fun to walk through the old buildings. It was crazy because the whole town is built on the side of a mountain. So it was extremely steep and we walked a lot of stairs.
Abby declared that Arizona was fun but she would rather play in the neighborhood pool than drive 9 hours to go to the one in Arizona. LOL
My work has decided to give me 10 hours a week. Witch gives us a little spending money and gives me some time to visit with grown ups. I only go when Abby is in school so it works out perfectly. I am really grateful for my work and with them working with me through the last 9 years and all our family changes.

The end of the month we celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Even though it is on March 2nd. It was easier to get the family together on a Sunday. My step mom Valerie worked really hard to get things together. It turned out beautiful. She created a slide show of their lives together, had a cake made like their original wedding cake, and a recreation of grandmas bouquet. All the grand kids told Grandma and Grandpa how much they meant to us and I think they really enjoyed the party. We sure love them and hope they are around to see their 70th!

We have a new Adoption worker, Emily. She is great. Gabe and I really like her and I think she will really help us in getting a new addition to our family. Abby is really wanting to have a brother or sister. Especially since Drew and Katie had a baby this last month. And she really likes holding him. Ethan looks just like uncle Drew.

Josie, Gabe's sister, also left on her mission to New Jersey this month. She is going to be a great missionary. It was fun to see how excited she was. We just hope that Venus will be able to adjust to not having her there.

Well that is all for now. Next months post will be exciting because Abby is having a birthday party and Gabe and I are going on a Mexican vacation(sort of). Chat ya next time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

December 2009

Okay so it is 15 days into January and I need to reflect back to December. Humm where do I start? Let's see.....

We love December at our house. All the fun festivities and friends and family. We got the house decorated and beautiful for Christmas. Even Sarah(Abby's cousin) came and helped put ornaments on the tree. Sarah, Abby, and I had a blast. While I put the lights on they kept yelling down the stairs "is it time yet." When I finally said "Ready" the noise and the commotion from two little girls and a barking dog could be heard all the way to Australia. LOL Oh and of coarse they came down in the most terrifying red lipstick. LOL

Abby had fun at school. They did the 12 days of Christmas for the kids. Everyday she would bring home a little something like 4 Swedish fish or 10 tootsie rolls. It was fun to see the excitement in Abby's face everyday. The school did the annual Christmas sing along. I went and cried like a baby. I mean she only sang Jingle Bells and Up on the Housetop. But there I was crying. Guess I was just so proud of my little one.
Abby met Santa for the first time this year. She was nervous. She didn't even know he was in the room and then turned around and froze. She then came running over to me. Santa then began talking to her and telling her all about how he knew she was in gymnastics and how he knew she was a good girl. She slowly became more at ease and then began urging all her cousins to talk to Santa. What was so funny was when I got up I noticed that my lap was a little wet. She must have got so scared that she wet her pants. LOL Perhaps next year she won't be so nervous and scared.

I worked all of December to cover for maternity leave of one of the girls at the north office. It was fun to celebrate in all the activities. It took a little time to get back into the groove but after a week I was done being yelled at for silly little things and was back to being perfect. LOL I miss chatting with my boss Mary everyday. She is definitely a caring and sweet person and a good friend. Although I must say the drive was NOT fun. Of coarse Zo had to have her baby when it snows, so my 40 minute drive to work became 1.5 hours+. That was not fun at all. But I survived and am here to tell the tale.

We had the annual family party for my side here at our house again and it turned out well. The night before Abby and I went to Grandmas and Grandpas to help make cinnamon rolls. That was way fun. We just love our Grandparents they are the best. At the party we played the traditional white elephant cereal game which is always so much fun. Abby got her Cheerios and Wheaties and Gabe got his Life cereal. Its crazy how we can fight over a silly box of cereal. BUT WE DO! LOL

I decided to start an annual breakfast for friends since we never seem to fit each other in around Christmas time. We had 4 couples show up which wasn't bad. Hopefully next year the word will spread and we will have many more.

Christmas morning was fun. It was so exciting to see Abby come down and be excited about Santa. She wakes up about 8, WOOHOO, and sneaks downstairs, peaks into the living room, then comes and wakes Gabe and I up. She always loves to see the stockings hung on the railing and has to tell us that Santa came and put stuff in them when she first comes in our room. Christmas was good this year. We all were quite spoiled.

We went to Gabe's family at 11 and celebrated with them. Santa brought them a karaoke machine. Even I got up and sang. It was pretty fun. Josie and Giselle got up and sang back up for me. Gabe and Drew were excited to pick through all the songs and see how bad they could hash them. LOL

At my parents house we were yet again spoiled. Abby and Sarah played and played. They had a great time. And we stayed late playing wii with Sean who is a hoot. I have some blackmail pictures to show what a goon he is. We laughed and played until almost 11:30.

New Years was the best. We had a party and had our friends Andy and Camille with their kids and Kimmy and Bill over. We played wii games all night for the chance at winning a silly trophy. Andy and Camille got it this year. And the kids got to open a box every hour which was filled with games and activities for them to play and do. It kept them busy most the night. It was great for the adults too. At midnight we drank sparkling cider and popped balloons filled with confetti. Abby asked why everyone was kissing. It was pretty silly. So I told her it was because we want to start the year off right with the ones we love. Showing them how much we love them. Then Gabe and I looked at each other and went running after Abby who took off running and giggling till we caught her and gave her a big kiss too. It was a great end to a rough year.

Here's to 2010 and the wishes that it will be amazing.*cheers*