Thursday, January 6, 2011

December 2010

Well this December we didn't do much out of the ordinary.
The fridge blew a fuse. That was extra frustrating since Gabe had to be at work nearly 2 days straight and couldn't fix it. And I am no good at electronic stuff. Thankfully, my neighbors the Paris' came over and saved me. We really do have the best neighbors all the way around. Aimee took our family photos this year. It was fun. We got some really good ones. She is a great photographer.

Our niece, Rebecca, turned eight and was baptised. We are so proud of her. She looked so beautiful and so happy. I know I felt the spirit there at her confirmation so strongly. That little girl is someone special for sure.
Me and Bonnie, my Activity Day partner, took the girls to the Utah Olympic Oval to go ice skating. I was out of gas and had no money to get some and no time either. I just said a prayer and cried on my way to the church that we would make it. Luckily, Karen, who I had asked to drive, pulled up next to me on the way out of the parking lot and yelled that she had room for everyone in my car too. So we all went in her car and had a great time. It was definitely an answer to my prayer. The girls had a lot of fun ice skating, Abby too(she didn't want to leave), and we did a gift exchange at the end. I just love those girls. They all have a personality of their own and they seem to get along pretty well. This is definitely one of my favorite church callings for sure.
Our ward had the annual Christmas party. It was the Polar Express. They made a replica of a train on the stage and had all the kids come in their pajamas. They each had a ticket and they had the conductor punch them as they boarded the train. They then were read the Polar express and Santa came and gave them each a jingle bell. It was really neat. A lot of work was put into creating the train and I think the kids and adults really got a kick out of it. Mylie was visiting her grandparents that day and came to play with Abby and we were able to take her along with us. Her and Abby had a lot of fun together. So much that they missed getting their pictures with Santa. Silly girls!

The Brown Family party was a success again this year. Grandma and Grandpa sure do make it fun for all of us. They made the cereal game a little different this year to make it fair for the smaller families. Grandpa read a poem and we had to follow the instructions. It was fun to see who would have to trade with who next because you never knew. We laughed a lot. Grandma made her famous scones and they were delicious as always. The party ended quicker this year. We started at about quarter after ten and everyone was gone by twelve. Not a lot of visiting this year because people seemed to have other things planned and had to get there. Sean and Colby both had to work which was sad. But I think we still can call it a success because we had fun and had good food.
The Utah Football team had their bowl game against Boise State. We knew we were going to lose. 26-3. Boise is a good team and they played well. We still cheered for our team. And we are excited to see how next year turns out now that we will be in the pack 12.
Gabe's work actually had a Christmas get together. was at lunch, in the middle of the week but, family was invited and it was at a restaurant. No potluck lunch just employees. Yeah! Maybe this company buy-out will be excellent afterall. LOL
Christmas turned out pretty well. I was kind of sad this year and didn't quite get into the Christmas spirit like I had hoped. Abby had a lot of fun which is great!
On Christmas Eve Giselle called and asked if we would pick up a present for her kids and bring it on Christmas to the Johnson's. It was a puppy. I was reluctant from the start seeming that it was only 6 weeks old, not potty trained, and I was most likely allergic. Well, Gabe made the decision to go get it and it pooped, cried, and my eye swelled shut. Even after all that it was still cute and fun. The only problem was that I missed the fact that Abby gets attached really easy and the realization that she had to give it away was hard on all of us. She cried a lot Christmas day. She had to draw a picture when she got home, on her new easel, of the puppy to make her feel better. Then a couple days later I took her to the toy store to buy a stuffed puppy that looked like Giselle's. She is happy now!
New Years Eve was a blast. Although I had planned on having kids, all the kids I had invited ended up going somewhere else. So last minute Grandma and Grandpa Sessions took Abby for the night so she wouldn't be the only kid at the party. She had a lot of fun at their house. I packed her a box with lots of different games so they would keep busy and not have to worry about what to do all night. I still missed her.
We had Andy and Camille, Bill and Kimmy, and Peter and Connie over this year. What a great group of people. I think everyone got along and we all had fun playing the games. We played a new card game called Ratuki. We also played And It Came to Pass, Bezzerwizzer(a trivia game), and several Minute to win it games. We laughed so much and had a great time. usually when the clock gets to midnight we are ready for the ball to drop. But this time we almost missed it we were having so much fun and then after it dropped and we had our kisses we were back to the games until almost 2:00 am. It was a great ending to the year.

Well, on to 2011. I am hoping that it will be a great year!