Monday, September 3, 2012

Abby's Sanctuary

I did it! I finally sucked it up, ran to the craft store, and decorated Abby's room.  Honestly, it took me all of an hour to do it. Aside from cleaning the room so I could get in there first. Gabe and I also took down her bunk beds (I know she is an only child but hey, they are fun right?) and put in her nice clean white bed. AHH!

 These diamonds above her bed are inspired by all those framed pieces of fabric I see on Pinterest. That was my intention. But when I saw the price of frames I thought I would just do it myself. Luckily on my way out of the store I happened upon the baking isle and found these awesome 12X12 cake cardboard plates. Abby and I just hot glued the fabric on there and voila! they are done. I hung them by hot gluing a paperclip to the back and them pressing them to the wall with a thumb tack woven through the paperclip. Ingenious, I know.
 My Dad gave me these fun shape curtain things. So I hung them on the wall and then used the colors to coordinate the fabric I purchased.
 This vanity was my great grandmas. Now it is my baby girls. How fun is that?
 This I made with a framed poster that Abby had that I HATED! I got fabric, batting, ribbon and brads and put this baby together. Now she has a fun memo board to put all her papers and pictures on. Hopefully, they will end up here and not on the floor. Fingers crossed.

THE CLOSET! This was pretty easy actually. Just put the dresser in the closet added a cheap shelf some plastic shoe boxes and a shoe organizer. Nice thing is she can now see everything.
I also created day tags that she hangs her clothes in at the beginning of the week once the laundry is done. That way when she wakes up she goes right to the day grabs her clothes and NO ARGUING! I love it.

I think I turned out pretty decent and I didn't lift a paint brush. Maybe another day, but for now we are all satisfied and happy with the results.