Thursday, June 27, 2013

America the Beautiful

So since I am out of school I am looking for projects to keep my mind going and keep me away from screens. (aka: phone, computer, television) I decided to decorate and get creative for the 4th of July. It's such a neglected holiday when it comes to decorating.
First I did this... I have this awesome glass and metal container that I fill for each holiday. Normally I just stick a vase in it and some little American flags. But this year I wanted something a little more classy. This thing is BIG. I saw some cute jars on Pinterest that were filled with beans so I thought that would look good.   Nearly 12+ bags of beans later and Voila! We are decorated. I used a #10 can as a way to take up space in the middle so I wouldn't have to use as many beans. Thank goodness I did or else this would cost me a fortune in beans. LOL I a little nervous about taking it down. Maybe next year I will put a paper in between each layer for easier cleanup. Wish me luck this year.

I cannot wait for my baby girl to put on this cute shirt. It was so easy and took me about 10 minutes to put together. I found the red ruffle at the craft store and had the blue ribbon laying around. I think I want one now. 

This project is really funny. Well, I saw a skirt on Ebay that I really wanted. So I asked my hubby if it would be okay if I ordered it. He said "No." Darn. That didn't deter me. So I decided I would make some table runners and sell them. I knew I wanted one for my self so I made two. Then I thought I have all this left over material I should make a doily for under my plants. Then I thought why not make two. Keep in mind I have no pattern and am just doing this to do it. When I finished the two doilies I realized they were the exact size of place mats. "How cute is that?" So lets make it four to put at my dinner table. Oh, and then I thought heck I have two tables that could use table runners. Guess what I made two...Perfect! When I finished I realized I hadn't earned any money to buy my skirt. Way to go Leesha! At least my tables look cute. :P
Off I go to clean out my house and look for something to sell to earn my skirt...maybe, unless I can decorate with that too. LOL

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