Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End of "Turd" grade

It's the end of the school year and there is more things going on then I can keep track of. Homework to catch up on (which I think is a joke the last week of school, it wont get done), totes to clean, teacher gifts to buy, activities galore, and a myriad of other things happening all at once.
I was in charge of these 5 crazy kids. Beth, Abby, Mia,  Elijah,  and ?
Mom and Abby having lunch

Oh, how fun would it be to be a kid again?

Singing in elementary school is the only time I remember being excited to have my parents come see me and being so proud of my performance. I cry every time I go see my baby.

Abby's art project. (above her head)

We built this contraption to protect an egg when dropped off the roof of the school.

There is an egg in a carton inside of a box inside of a box in side of a box  all padded with newspaper. It worked when tested by throwing out or second story window.

Sadly, it didn't work at school. Maybe we damaged the egg the day before by all our testing?

Tug of war. Girls RULE!

And yet getting wet is still necessary.

Balancing an egg on your head. OH the fun that was had.

Do you remember the parachute from elementary? I do. And yes, it is still the bees knees.

Abby's classmates.

Abby's REAL classmates

And to top it all off my baby will be ending her reign as the "Turd" grader. Gabe began calling her a turd grader at the beginning of the year. She laughed then asked "Mom, what's a turd?" I told her it was a little piece of poop. She looked at her father and said "You just called me a little piece of poo grader?" We laughed so hard.
Well now she will start her new rein as a Jedi in the "Force" grade. Hope this doesn't mean she will be playing the "wave your hand" over the homework trick.  

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