Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A little summer inspiration

My daughter is at the hormonal, argue about everything, she is always right stage. Sadly, this means she gets grounded more often than she should. So I had to come up with some way to keep her busy while at home and entertaining herself instead of harassing me and telling me she is the dreaded summer word, BORED!.

I have tried to add a link so you can download it but it wont transfer all the fonts. Bummer. 
If you want to create your own I did it with a word document and using the text box function added all the activities with their own unique fonts, sizes, and colors and placed them on the page where I thought they looked good. Took me about a half an hour.
I found all the fun fonts on Pinterest which were free to download. Just search fonts and you will get a gazillion (I think that is a real word) different ones.
Happy Summer!

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