Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Since returning to school I have had many experiences that I must say just irks me. What has happened to our youth. Did we forget to teach manners? And these are college students.
Simply holding the door open for the person behind you is a thing of the past. I have noticed if it does happen it has been by an older student. And when I hold the door open for you, say Thank you! I provided a service it may not have been much but I took that extra twelve seconds to hold the door open instead of slamming it in your face.
Shut your pie hole during class. I paid to receive instruction from the teacher. I didn't pay to listen to you tutor the person next to you while the teacher was teaching the lesson so save it until after class. Same as your most exciting weekend. I don't care! And once again if you enjoy wasting your money on such trivial conversations please choose a class I am not attending because I will speak up and you will hate me!
Pick up your trash in the bathroom and wipe off the sink if you splashed. I don't like walking out of the bathroom with TP on my shoe either so bend over pick it up and flush it down. If you miss while crouching over the toilet seat wipe it off, flush, and WASH your hands! If you miss the waste basket with your paper towel pick it up and place it where it belongs and don't kick it down the hall.
Be considerate in the parking lot. If you are parked next to me and we both arrive at the same time let me get in my car before zooming off and hitting me with your side view mirror.
I know there are places for you to smoke outside. I know that smoking is a terrible habit to break. But standing next to the door and blowing your cancer in my direction is not COOL! Please smoke in your area. I paid for your little smoking station, use it!
Bring cough drops. I know we have all have had them, those horrible coughing fits that just wont settle. Or when we swallowed and it went down the wrong pipe. Don't sit in the class hacking up a lung. Trust me, we are unable to hear the instructor just as much as you. Leave the class if you are unable to control your cough after a minute.
Walk on the right side of the hall. We live in America, we drive AND walk on the right side of the road and sidewalk. If you are in a big group and chatting side by side one of you needs to break the line beacuse your steamshovel of a stance makes it so the rest of us get pushed up against the wall or running into another person.
DON'T run out of class and stop in the middle of the hall. I don't drive out of a parking lot and stop in the middle of the street, why should you? Your little group just took up the hallway and left no room for others to walk. When I run into you don't give me a dirty look either, move your tush to the side of the hall or WALK in the halls or sidewalks.
When you are asked to be a part of a group project do not get to the meeting and talk about how hungry you are or how disappointed that you can't make it to a movie or get up several times to get something, you're there to work on a project as a group that means do your part and contribute to the subject at hand. If you are my group partner and you pull that garbage you better believe that I will not be sharing my information and your grade will fall NOT mine.
If we are at a table and a drink spills don't stand up and wait for someone else to clean it up even if you were not the one who spilled it. Get something and help clean it up. Things move quicker when there are more hands. Hence, the notebook or your notes will not be soaked and be salvaged to face another day.
These are just a few of my observances over the past year. I hope that I can teach my children these basic manners and be considerate towards others.
And that is my rant!

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